[the original]     

This is the original bottle cap artwork.  It was started as a joke in college in 2002 with an abundance of saved bottle caps.  It took nearly a year to glue all the bottle caps in place (over 1800 total).  Grout was added in 2003.  It remained unfinished until 2006 when the epoxy resin was finally poured.   

The piece is constructed atop 1.5 inch coated MDF, with a 2 inch heavy-duty aluminum trim; it is quite substantial and weighs about 50 lbs.  The caps along the star are cut with tin snips so that the caps remain exactly in line but the image forms a perfect star. 

Because of the way in which the caps were laid (and quite frankly, the lack of Smirnoff Ice bottle caps available), the rows do not line up.  There is a point where two caps were cut to make them fit.  Can you find where?


From 2008 to 2009, this piece was on display at Jack’s Backyard in Dallas, TX.