A mixture of whimsy, design, and elegance, with a nod to today’s green mindset, they are the perfect decoration for a neighborhood tavern, a Fortune 500 Boardroom, or your game room wall.  Harris has been working with bottle caps for years, but began doing commissioned pieces in 2009.


    Visit the online Portfolio to see all completed works, some of which are available for purchase.  Pricing of customized designs will vary depending on size and intricacy.


     Bottle caps come to life in the Harris studio, nestled in the vibrant Oak Cliff enclave of Dallas, Texas.  These brilliant one-of-a-kind bottle cap mosaics are truly remarkable works of art.  Each piece contains several hundred bottle caps glued in pattern (sometimes cut to fit with tin snips), then grouted, and covered with epoxy so it is smooth. 

     Harris’s work is largely classified as mixed-media 2D visual art, though tongue-in-cheek influences of pointillism and ‘pop art‘ are apparent.  Each hand-crafted panel evokes nostalgia of 1950’s soda fountains and Old West saloons, while playing on the celebration of industry juxtaposed against the vast waste unknowingly created.  They are an excellent example of turning trash to treasure.